Excerpts of a letter sent December 9, 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Piggyback Flight from Hans-Jurgen Jurgens, author of "War Diary". A copy of this letter in German was sent by Ed to his pilot. Glenn H Rojohn's carried it in his wallet from the day he received it til the day he died to remind him the Piggyback Flight was real and thankful for the survival of some crew members including himself.  Thanks to a chance meeting with Freddy Feix in Florida the letter was translated into English.  And Hans-Jurgen Jurgens got his wish of being reunited with some of the Piggyback Flight crew.

Dear Edward Neuhaus,

With us here it was a special and mysterious occurrence which has been observed and watched by a few thousand people on the shore.  A woman from further island told me by phone: "This story is thought of in our family every New Year's Eve".

You probably ask yourself why I have searched for you.  For one, in three weeks time it will be half a century ago that you could celebrate an extra birthday.

I am interested to know what the further course of your war experiences were and when you finally returned home.

By the research work I did, I got to know a former navy soldier who had sat with you at a party on New Year's Eve in 1944.  Then I also know a lady, a former Navy Assistant, who lives there and who also describes your parachute jump among the heavy anti-air craft fire that went into the sky, and you were taking off your boots in the air.  You must of feared to be drifted away by parachute into the sea.

I also received a letter from Rudolf Skawran, a former navy assistant, who describes your parachute jump in midst the anti aircraft fire in his war diaries.

You see that your story is still alive .

I send you my best wishes from Wangerooge together with greetings for Christmas and New Year.